Beginner's Mind

Beginner's Mind isn't a new idea, and it's certainly not mine. In fact, I hesitated to put this post out because the idea of beginners mind is so overly discussed that it's practical application is easily lost. Nonetheless, I would argue the beginner's mind concept is essential if you're aiming to  self-generate new experiences of movement.

Here's a simple explanation of two major pitfalls and beginners mind in practice. From Andy Puddicomb (spoken when describing meditation practice):

".... it’s really tempting if we’ve had a few days perhaps where the exercise has felt really nice, left us feeling really kind of good, and we might turn up to the exercise wanting to re-experience that....and rather than allowing a natural process unfold, instead we try to project  onto the exercise what we’d like to experience."

"Alternatively, if we’ve had days when it’s been difficult, we’ve felt like there really hasn’t been much change, we might turn to thinking, ‘well it’s going to be the same again’..we go into the exercise rather than allowing something to happen organically... projecting our own ideas onto the exercise."

"So beginners really the idea that every time we turn up to the exercise we leave behind what has come before, and we simply follow the exercise through, allowing it to unfold in the way it unfolds on that this moment...right now."