Blog 3.0



Every few years my blog gets a bit clearer.

It takes a fresh turn towards my goal to help clarify aspects of the Alexander Technique for students, teachers, myself, and the broader community.

This next chapter is going to focus on two things:

1. Exploration of the lived experience - the conscious, individuals perception of learning and practicing the Alexander Technique - with as little Alexander jargon, vagueness, or pedagogical explanation as possible.

2. Exploration and clarification of what we know today of the science underlying the Alexander Technique.

It’s my hope that by taking both a phenomenological, and a more quantitative based approach, that greater clarity will surface on what this is all about. That we can move towards even more modern, honest, and forward moving conversation about all that arises when pursuing this unique, challenging, and empowering skill. Ultimately, that we can contribute to a world with more equal access and self-evident understanding of the experience and underlying physiology of the Alexander Technique and it’s related ideas.

- Mark, Aug 2019