The Alexander Technique needs a framework to grow in.

This is because it’s a practice that you apply to the things you do.

At first, the core framework is built of your basic movements (sitting, standing, walking, moving an arm etc..). It can also quickly expand to include your everyday activities - and maybe some Alexander procedures or directed activities to help you connect the concepts to everyday life.

Your framework might also be your professional activities. These also provide a clear motivation for building your practice and can be challenging as the stakes are generally higher than in activities of normal life.

Over time it your framework can also expand to include areas with dynamic physical and mental challenges such as exercise, social interaction, or anything else that matters to you.

They key ideas is that it’s through application to novel activities that the brain and nervous system responds with growth and adaptation to meet new challenges. We need friction to grow, and for this reason if we want to keep developing we must keep expanding the framework that we apply our practice to.

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Framework Template