It’s About The How

The Alexander Technique can be hard to describe because it’s not about what you do, it’s about how you do it.

Although it informs, the Alexander Technique leaves the choice of activity (or response) up to you.


It doesn’t have mandatory movements, patterns, or physical exercises. Instead, the Alexander Technique brings practical intelligence to the things you choose to do; to include more skilled use of yourself in activity - and to grow through the process.

But should I exercise? What about Tai chi? Bodyweight Training? Dance? Meditation? Etc.. Are these in line with the Alexander Technique?


Because it deals with balance, posture, movement, and awareness of how thought and physical responses interact it can be applied to a surprising number of things. Most activities you choose can become a framework for your practice.

These things might include work tasks, performance, exercise, communication and social interaction, or everyday activities and movements.

The difference from how you normally do these activities is that instead of doing them unconsciously - you practice placing just enough attention on yourself in activity (in particular to your neck-head-back in relation to your ground) to foster the whole body response as you do these things.

This practice acts like a flashlight to your awareness to help you discover the personal ways you may be limiting yourself through overly compressing/ collapsing/ or tensing yourself in these actions. To discover how you get in the way of your full stature, and to influence a change in the pattern of your movements and action through conscious attention (to encourage the whole self to respond with length and expansion) is the game.