Some Book Recommendations

I'm not sure if people are interested in reading books about the Alexander Technique anymore. Let me know!

I would guess other mediums are likely the way most people are headed.  Also, books seem to have the most impact after you've studied AT for a little while and often seem confusing if you're brand new to the technique: Student's tell me they help with making sense of their experiences. That was (and continues to be) the case for me too.

In any case, I've definitely read my fair share of Alexander Technique related books, so here are a few recommendations to start for those interested. Enjoy - M

Introductory Book(s):

The Alexander Technique: A Skill for Life  By Pedro de Alcantara

Body Learning: An introduction to the Alexander Technique By Michael J. Gelb (*The science/explanations are dated but still a good into read for students).

(*For Runners) Master the Art of Running: Raising Your Performance with the Alexander Technique by Balk, Malcolm, Shields, Andrew (2006) Paperback By Malcolm, Shields, Andrew Balk 

(*For Actors) Physical Expression on Stage and Screen: Using the Alexander Technique to Create Unforgettable Performances By Bill Connington

Other Interesting AT Related Books:

Thinking Fast and Slow By Daniel Kahneman

Chair: Rethinking Body Culture And Design  By Galen Cranz

Awareness Through Movement By Moshe Feldenkrais

Born to Run: A Hidden Tribe, Superathletes, and the Greatest Race the World By Christopher McDougall