About Alexander Technique Lessons


A First lesson:

  • Personalized instruction with expert hands-on guidance and education.

  • Discover how habits of movement and posture that you do everyday cause unnecessary tension in your life and work.

  • Begin to approach your basic postures and movement (such as sitting, standing, and walking) with clarified awareness, balance, intention, and ease.

  • Mark will take time to answer your questions both at the start of the lesson, and throughout the lesson to ensure that you learn at the level just right for your abilities and needs.

  • Gain a first real experience with the Alexander technique; a new experience in movement and way of being in yourself to better manage or improve on the challenges that brought you to the lesson.

  • In addition, you’ll also walk away with at least one simple and effective practice to reduce excess tension and stress on your own - helping you independently move forwards in your own personal goals.

A First Lesson

Personalized instruction in a 50 min lesson to introduce you to the Alexander Technique. $60

Single Lessons

Personalized 45 min lesson(s); best for those with uncertain schedules and frequent work or family travel.

*Available to practicing students

Four Pack - Lessons

Series of 4, 45 min private lessons paid in advance to boost your learning over the month.

*Available to practicing students



Where are lessons located?
Private lessons are in Mark’s home studio which is near Vancouver Community College (Broadway).  There is free, accessible parking in the area and the studio is safely and easily accessible by public transportation.

What is the current lesson availability?
Please contact Mark for current availability. First lessons are by appointment.

Are there any special learning requirements?
No special skills or background are required. If you decide to continue lessons after your first one, then you can expect to focus on daily self-application, and to do about 15-20 minutes of specific practice each day dependent on how motivated you are to develop your own practice and integrate the Alexander Technique into your life.