Learning The Alexander Technique

“Any beautiful instrument is alive with a sense of tension and tone that responds and changes with use; it can sound more rich as time goes on. The same is possible for all of us.”


Your First Alexander Technique lesson

…will start by taking a few minutes to review your reason(s) for the lesson and how the Alexander Technique can best help you.

You’ll then receive clear hands on guidance and verbal instruction in your everyday movements and postures (sitting, standing, or walking), to learn to recognize and improve habits of tension and postural tone in these movements, and help you move and carry yourself in a more optimal way.

We may also assess and explore your chosen personal or professional activity: You’ll begin to learn how to apply the Alexander Technique to to bring new awareness, tone, and ease to how you use yourself in your chosen activity. Along with your everyday movement, this activity may form the foundation for your self practice.

Throughout your lesson you’ll receive clear hands-on guidance and education to help you experience the Alexander Technique…or to simply refresh your practice and re-connect to the Alexander Technique if you’ve previously had lessons!

There will be time throughout your lesson to ask any questions you have, so you feel comfortable and learn at the level right for you.

You’ll finish your first lesson with a simple practice and/ or clear tools to begin to apply the Alexander Technique in your own life - to help you feel better, move better, and enhance your awareness and coordination in your life.

A First Lesson

Personalized instruction in a helpful 50 minute lesson to introduce you to the Alexander Technique. $60

Single Lessons

Personalized 40 min lessons; best for those with uncertain schedules and frequent work or family travel. $60

Four Pack

Series of 4 private lessons paid in advance to boost your learning and practice over the month. $220
*Available to current students only.


Where are lessons located?
Private lessons are located in the Mount Pleasant neighbourhood of Vancouver - one block west of Vancouver Community College (Broadway) in Mark’s home studio.

There is safe, accessible, free parking in the area and the studio is easily accessible by public transportation.

What are the current lesson times/ availability?
Due to student demand please contact Mark for current availability.

Are there any special learning requirements?
No special skills or background are required. You can expect to focus on daily self-application, and to do about 10-20 minutes of specific practice each day depending on how motivated you are to integrate the Alexander Technique into your life or professional work.

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