A few words from students

"Years of progressively deteriorating joint health and chronic pain left me feeling very demoralized and dis-empowered to pursue any of the physical exercise that I had always depended on for health and mental balance... thankfully, I stumbled across Mark & the Alexander Technique and started lessons. I keep hoping the lessons will make me younger or reverse some poor life choices in my past, which hasn’t happened yet, but in the meantime they have eliminated a lot of pain and left me feeling like a have the tools and freedom to pursue whatever activities may inspire me. My doctor also tells me I am a half inch taller than I was a year ago!"
-Phil G. (Investment Consultant)

"Mark, I just wanted to say thank you!  What I learned is making a huge impact. What I'm noticing the most is that my lower back pain is practically non-existent now. Usually when I walk around the city long enough, for example, it starts to hurt, but I've recently gone on multi-hour treks, and it's been totally fine!  I also feel lighter, and more aware of my body alignment.  It's incredible."
-Giovanna. L (Actor and Musician)

“I originally came to the Alexander technique for help with “posture” and I soon learned how much deeper the work is and have come to find it also benefits many areas of my life. Mark is an excellent teacher – helping his students to integrate the material at a profound level while creating a safe and effective learning environment. Alexander Technique lessons have been invaluable for helping me learn to stay balanced and poised in many different settings. I wholeheartedly Mark Vasak and Alexander Technique lessons to anyone interested in improving their relationship with their body.”
– Owen T.  (Occupational Therapist and Ergonomist)

"I, like many people I believe, carried the notion that good posture was something that could be attained by simply repeatedly jerking oneself into a rigid up right spinal position over and over until the habit stuck. How gloriously wrong I was!  Mark notices habits in myself that I have never noticed before. The Alexander technique is a rare and wonderful thing. It is rare inasmuch as that it is a skill which, unlike many others, has truly life altering consequences. It has helped me, and continues to help me, in many facets of my work and life."
- Joshua K. (Actor)

“I originally went in to work with breath technique, what also came up was the recurring pain of an old hip injury, and knee problems as a jogger.  Working with fundamental concepts gradually addressed it all. Mark is a very patient and thorough teacher, and is always able to describe a concept in a way that any individual can understand. He is always encouraging and is confident in everyone’s potential.”
– Shannon S. (Professional Musician)

“I worked with Mark while training for a summer of two Ultra-marathons. I was experiencing knee pain after long training runs and was becoming very concerned I would not be able to compete. Within a very short period, I was running not only pain free, but more efficiently than I ever had, finishing in the top 10% of both races.  I highly recommend working with Mark.”
– Kevin W. (Project Manager and Ultra Endurance Athlete)

"It was a fantastic workshop. I've been struggling with a tight neck and hip issue, the lying down exercise helped me feel release and train my shoulders to relax back on their own."
- Lorraine C. (Workshop Participant, 2018)

"This technique helped me to re-align myself. I felt freer when acting and definitely will strive to incorporate this into my daily life and work. Thank-you!"
- Pepper P. (Workshop Participant, 2018)