Alexander Technique for Health and Performance


A practice to enhance ease of movement, posture, and self-awareness applied to life; helping you feel, move, and be your best.


New to the Alexander Technique?

Although standard training in the top performance arts schools, today research is finding real benefit in learning the Alexander Technique for health and well-being.

Still, most people have never heard of it and don't know if it's something that can help them.  To learn more you can watch the short video or click below.


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Hi there, I’m Mark Vasak. I teach the Alexander Technique based in Vancouver, BC.

I discovered the Alexander Technique 15 years ago when it helped me to overcome a chronic pain issue. I've since had the opportunity to teach many others to develop their own Alexander Technique practice and gain it's benefits for themselves.

On this site you can learn more about the Alexander Technique, my story, or about lessons. To get in touch with questions or lesson inquiries please click below.