The Alexander Technique for Health and Performance


A practice to unify mind-body awareness, posture, and movement in everyday life so you can feel, move, and be your best


New to the Alexander Technique?

Although a normal part of training in the top performance arts schools, today research is finding real benefit in learning the Alexander Technique for health and well-being.

Still, most people have never heard of it and don't know if it's something that can help them.  To learn more you can watch the short video or click below.


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Welcome to Alexander Technique with Mark

Hi, my name is Mark Vasak, and helping people empower their health and performance through the Alexander Technique is a real passion of mine.

Learning the Alexander Technique was a life changing experience for me, and I've now had the amazing opportunity to teach many motivated students to do the same.

I've practiced the Alexander Technique for over 15 years, was the former Director of Alexander Technique Canada ( for the last three years, teach a private practice, and also teach as an adjunct university professor. I'm based in Vancouver, British Columbia, and you can learn more about me and the Alexander Technique on this site, or simply get in touch if learning with me is something that can help you.  Read more...