Alexander Technique

The Alexander Technique is a unique education and practice in awareness, posture, and movement. Alexander Technique lessons with Mark help you develop balanced and dynamic posture, greater freedom in movement, and enhanced clarity of awareness in the activities of your life - so you can move better, perform better, and feel better.

  • Reduce excess tension to discover a sense of ease in your body

  • Improve your posture and poise

  • Develop greater ease in your movement and activities

  • Enhance your presence and focus

  • Develop self-awareness in action, enhance coordination, and optimize performance

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About Mark

Mark Vasak, Bachelor of Music (B.Mus), Master of Occupational Therapy (M.OT), Alexander Technique certified teacher (CANSTAT), is based in Vancouver, BC, Canada.  His teaching is focused on helping people learn to move better, feel better, and perform better through applying the Alexander Technique to their movement and life. Read more