New To The Alexander Technique?

The Alexander Technique is a practical education and practice to enhance awareness, postural tone, and ease in movement applied to the activities of your life. It gives motivated people a way to feel better, move with greater ease and poise, and bring their fullest selves to their work and lives.

'Lessons in the Alexander technique teach you to recognize and avoid poor habits affecting postural tone and neuromuscular coordination. They help you understand your patterns of habitual musculoskeletal use in postures and movement; paying particular attention to release of unwanted head, neck, and spinal muscle tension. Hand contact and verbal instruction provide direct experience to help you improve how you use yourself in your daily life and professional activities.' (BMJ, 2008).

To learn more about learning the Alexander Technique with Mark you can read more on the Health and Well being or Arts and Performance pages, hear from students, or simply take a leap and get in touch to speak with Mark.

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About Mark

Mark Vasak, B.Mus, M.OT, is a CANSTAT Certified teacher of the Alexander Technique based in Vancouver, BC, Canada.

Mark teaches musicians, actors, athletes, professionals, and many others motivated to feel better, move better, and discover a practice to overcome challenges and empower their health and performance. He has a multidisciplinary background that includes the performance arts (Bachelor of Music and Instructor in the Capilano University Theatre program), and the health sciences (Master of Occupational Therapy, M.OT).

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