An Introductory Alexander Technique Lesson


A first Alexander Technique lesson is taught one-to-one and is one hour. During your first lesson we'll discuss your unique situation and how Alexander lessons can best help your needs.

You’ll receive clear hands on guidance and verbal instruction to help you create a new experience of awareness and ease your fundamental movements and postures of standing, sitting, and walking.

If your goal involves a specific activity (for example in music, acting, public speaking, athletics or exercise, etc..), then we will apply the Alexander Technique to your activity - you’ll begin to learn to increase awareness, ease, and efficiency to use yourself in a more optimal way in your chosen activity.

Throughout your lesson there will be time to ask any questions. You’ll begin to discover new, constructive ways to better understand your own habits of excess tension and use yourself in a more balanced, efficient, and integrated way.

You’ll have experience the unique hands-on lesson of the Alexander Technique, and gained a helpful introduction to the Alexander Technique to begin to improve your own health, posture, and performance.

A First Lesson

Personalized instruction in a helpful one hour lesson to introduce you to the Alexander Technique.

Single Lessons

Personalized 40 min lessons; best for those with uncertain schedules and frequent work or family travel.

Four Pack

Series of 4 private lessons paid in advance to save and boost your learning and practice over the month.
*Available to current students only.

About Lessons - Frequently Asked Questions


Where are lessons located?
Private lessons are located in Mark’s teaching studio located at 918 East 8th Ave in the Mount Pleasant neighborhood of Vancouver. The studio has safe, accessible, free parking in the area and is easily accessible by public transportation.

How many lessons does it take to learn the Alexander Technique?
Like any skill, the more you study the more you learn. The number of lessons will depend on your goals, the condition you are in when you start, and the amount you practice in between lessons. As a general rule, many students feel benefits from their first lesson and regularly learn the basics of the Alexander Technique in a course of between 10 to 30 lessons. Some students continue beyond a basic course of lessons because they continue to find benefit and enjoy it.

What is the availability and cost of lessons with Mark?
For current availability and rates please
get in touch.

Can anyone learn or do you need a special background?
Anyone can learn and benefit from Alexander Technique lessons. You can expect to directly apply the Alexander Technique in the activities and movements you already do in your life. It will also be recommended to take about 10-20 minutes of specific practice each day to enhance your learning. The more you practice, the faster you learn, and the more benefits you discover.

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