Alexander For Health and Well-Being

The Alexander Technique is a method that teaches you to recognize and change long-standing patterns of movement, posture, and coordination that cause unnecessary tension in everything you do.

As a student, you learn  to recognize and change persistent aches, pains, and stresses that relate to the ways you move, posture, and do your daily activities. As you change these old patterns of physical and mental tension, you begin to feel and move with greater ease, while looking more dynamic, poised, and confident in action.

Lessons with Mark focus on learning to apply Alexander Technique principles to develop your movement awareness,  reduce excess strain and tension, and enhance your physical and mental ease and balance in action.


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Video on the Alexander Technique for chronic back pain (6 min)

The Alexander Technique is a part of several well known healthcare programs including The Mayo Clinic; The Sloan Kettering Hospital, New York; and The Miller Health Care Institute for Performing Arts NYC.

Recent research on the effects of Alexander Technique lessons include a 2015 study in the Annal of Internal Medicine that found Alexander Technique lessons can lead to reductions in neck pain and associated disability, and a 2007 study in the British Medical Journal (BMJ) found that “…one to one lessons in the Alexander Technique from registered teachers have long term benefits for patients with chronic back pain.”

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