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Hi there, I’m Mark Vasak. Teaching people to empower their health and performance through the Alexander Technique is a real passion of mine.

For over 15 years I’ve practiced and researched the Alexander Technique and it's related ideas in health, the arts, and the sciences: I’ve certified as an Alexander Technique teacher, worked on research in the neurosciences;  taught in a University theatre-movement program; worked in hospitals and rehabilitation clinics, and privately instructed people of all ages and backgrounds to develop their own Alexander Technique practice and improve their own lives.

I've been in the frustrating position where it the same movement and postural habits (and thus pains and patterns) limit you; in fact, overcoming an injury brought me to the Alexander Technique in the first place.

I've also had the opportunity to gain the tools and guidance to move past this; and to help others do the same.

I care deeply that motivated students who want to learn and apply the Alexander Technique to their own lives, are able to discover the most dynamic, poised, and powerful versions of themselves.

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  • Certified Alexander Technique teacher, 2012-Present (Alexander Technique Canada) .

  • Adjunct Professor Capilano University: Acting for Stage and Screen Program, 2016-Present.

  • Master of Occupational Therapy from the University of British Columbia Faculty of Medicine, 2014.

  • Executive Co-Director of Alexander Technique Canada, 2015-2018.

  • Canadian representative for the International Alexander Technique Affiliated Societies, 2015-18.


Universities and Programs I've Taught: