The Alexander Technique for Health and Performance


Alexander Technique lessons teach you how to shape and enhance coordination, posture, ease of movement, and self-awareness in your activities; to help you feel, move, and be your best in all you do.


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Hi, I’m Mark Vasak. I teach the Alexander Technique on faculty at Capilano University and I run a private Alexander Technique teaching practice.

My students include men and women, actors and musicians, professionals and athletes, physicians and engineers, and many other people who aspire to build better movement, posture, and self-awareness to improve their lives.

My work is focused on helping people understand and improve habits of coordination and posture through learning to apply the Alexander Technique to their movements and activities.

On this site you can learn more about the Alexander Technique (see below), about lessons, or about my story. If you want to enhance your health, performance, or potential with the Alexander Technique please simply get in touch.

New To The Alexander Technique?

Although standard training in the top performance arts schools, and research has demonstrated benefits for health and well-being, the Alexander Technique is still largely unknown - most people haven’t heard of it and don’t know if it’s something that can help them.

To learn more about the Alexander Technique, or if Alexander Technique lessons would be a great match for you, feel free to get in touch or click below on the area that matters to you most.